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Mayor of Palestinian village council denounced for inviting settlers to his son’s wedding as “cooperation” with Israel

Headline: “The Union of Local Authorities emphasizes its refusal to adjust itself to the agenda of Washington and the occupation”


“The Palestinian Union of Local Authorities yesterday [June 15, 2019] emphasized its complete rejection of all of the attempts to adjust to the agenda of the American administration and the occupation… It announced its denunciation of what happened in the village of Deir Qaddis, which included settlers entering and participating in the wedding celebration of the Deir Qaddis Village Council head’s son. It also called for serious support for this position, and for strong steps to be taken against those who had a role in inviting these settlers or receiving them, and emphasized that what happened is foreign to our conventions and customs and constitutes a deviation from our Palestinian people’s position regarding resistance to the occupation and its refusal to cooperate with it. The union announced that it will freeze the membership of any local authority whose involvement in cooperation with the occupation or its settlers is proven.

The union emphasized that the connection with the occupation is a connection of ongoing confrontation until the achievement of our legitimate rights and the establishment of our independent state.”