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Palestinian activist accuses PA of corruption, accuses PA security forces of attempting to steal his information

Headline: "A Palestinian activist exposes an attempt by Abbas' intelligence service to steal corruption files that he submitted to the Belgian security forces"

"Former Director of the Political Department of [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas' Office Yasser Jadallah said that he gave corruption files connected to the PA to the Belgian security forces.

Jadallah, who left Ramallah for Brussels and submitted a request for political asylum in Belgium… recently published on his Facebook page an accusation of corruption against a number of figures in the PA.

Jadallah said that files will be opened on corruption, conspiracy, theft of public funds, and the fabrication of accusations that President Abbas and his aides oversaw…

Jadallah accused senior officials in the PA Security Forces Nizar Al-Haj and Tareq Ubeidi of shooting at him and pursuing him in order to force him not to open the corruption files, under orders of [PA Presidential Office Director] Intisar Abu Amara and Mahmoud Salameh, and of kidnapping him twice."