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Israel to demolish again family home of terrorist that is being rebuilt

Headline: “The occupation demolishes a house in the process of being built and a shack in Jerusalem, and plans to demolish the Abu Hmeid family’s house again”

“The [Israeli] Yediot Aharonot newspaper published an article in which it was said that the Palestinians in the Al-Amari refugee camp [east of Ramallah] have begun to rebuild the house of Islam Naji Abu Hmeid who carried out the operation in which a soldier from the special unit Duvdevan was killed (i.e., a terror attack in which he murdered the soldier)…

Civilian Naji Abu Hmeid said to [the official PA news agency] WAFA that the occupation forces invaded the Al-Amari refugee camp a number of days ago and mapped the house, which is still in the process of being built, and in which nobody lives at this time. He noted that the family has not received any notices from the occupation about the demolition of the house. Abu Hmeid added that when the occupation demolished the house at the end of last year [2018], it notified [them] that the land on which it was built was confiscated and that it is forbidden for the family to build on it. He confirmed that the family began to rebuild the four story house, and that the third story is being built at the moment.”

Islam Yusuf Abu Hmeid - Palestinian terrorist who murdered Israeli soldier Ronen Lyubarsky with a marble slab thrown from a roof in Ramallah during an Israeli operation to arrest terrorists on May 24, 2018. Abu Hmeid is serving life in prison and an additional 8 months, and has been ordered to pay the family 258,000 Israeli shekels ($72,929) in compensation. Abu Hmeid was previously imprisoned in Israel from 2004 to 2009 for being involved in Hamas terror activity, including shooting attacks.