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PA Health Ministry against establishing new hospital in Gaza, meant to "divide" the Palestinians

Headline: “The [PA] Ministry of Health warns: The American hospital project is not innocent, and its goals are dangerous”

“The [PA] Ministry of Health again emphasized its firm rejection of any project, regardless of the name under which it is included, if it harms Palestinian sovereignty, the national project, and our people’s rights.

The ministry said in a press statement yesterday [Sept. 26, 2019] that it is watching the project to establish the American hospital in the northern Gaza Strip with concern and caution. The ministry also considers this an attempt to whitewash the image of the Israeli occupation that is drenched in the blood of the Palestinians, and a deliberate step to finally and completely separate the Gaza Strip and the West Bank by preventing any connection on any level between our people in the two parts of the homeland.

The ministry added that this project is striving to realize the Israeli goals to eliminate the Palestinian cause, divide it, and create additional excuses for creating a tiny state in the Gaza Strip that will come at the expense of the Palestinian history and rights.

The ministry continued [and said] that the project’s goals are obvious to every intelligent person, as Israel is the only one to benefit from this because it will prevent sick Palestinians from entering the hospitals of the West Bank and Jerusalem in order to receive treatment, and it is already preventing dozens of civilians from their right to treatment now, which has caused the deaths of many sick people as they await the required permits to enter the hospitals.”

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