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Fatah official: Israel has policy of “Judaization", destroys holy sites, and aspires to borders “from the Euphrates to the Nile,” implicitly calls for violence

Headline: “Zaki: The Hashemite custody [of the Al-Aqsa Mosque] – an opening for supporting Jerusalem and its defense”

Excerpt of an interview with Fatah Central Committee member and Fatah Commissioner for Arab and China Relations Abbas Zaki –Ed.

“US Envoy Jason] Greenblatt’s statements [that the West Bank is “disputed” and not “occupied” territory] are an outdated Zionist dream that no longer has a place on the agenda of those with a clean conscience in this nation… Greenblatt must reexamine the pillars of the Zionist movement, which based its calculations on [the assumption] that Palestine is a land without a people for a people without a homeland.

Even though we have been in an unusual situation for 100 years due to the policy of expulsion, Judaization, and mass graves, our numbers in Palestine are greater than their numbers. Today we are surpassing them in terms of numbers, and we are adopting the demographic bomb to resolve [the conflict]. He must remember what American Secretary of State John Foster Dulles said in 1952: ‘The old will die and the young will forget’ (sic., PMW found no record of such a statement by Dulles). The old did not die, but rather they let their children teach the enemy lessons in struggle, and they brought down the barrier of fear against ‘Israel’ with rocks. It seems that Greenblatt does not see what is in front of him, and does not see the [UN] Security Council resolutions, the [UN] General Assembly resolutions, and all of the resolutions that have explicitly determined that the West Bank and Jerusalem are occupied land that must be withdrawn from. In order to thwart the American efforts, there is no avoiding an escalating policy on the ground with great momentum from the masses, which will not allow the occupiers to live routine lives. Their occupation of our land must have a heavy price, which they will pay every day…

We hope that the [Arab] brothers… will ask themselves where they stand regarding their holy sites and the fortress that is defending them from the aspirations of ‘Israel’ and its permanent motto – as is clear in its flag between the two blue stripes – ‘From the Euphrates [River] to the Nile [River]’? Where do they [the Arabs] stand regarding the connections of brotherhood, blood, and shared fate? We say in a clear voice that those who turn their back on Palestine and Jerusalem will be defeated in the end, regardless of how great their capabilities may be. Whoever is for Palestine will triumph, because they are defending Allah’s holy sites. Whoever is for Allah triumphs, while those who are against Him are defeated…

The Palestinian leadership… is still pressing the international community to stop the Israeli crimes in Jerusalem, in accordance with dozens of international decisions that have been made in the UN Security Council and General Assembly since the occupation of Jerusalem in 1967 about ending its aggressive policy, which includes Judaization and aspirations to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque and establish the alleged Temple…

The [Fatah-Hamas] reconciliation requires a culture of coexistence and deepening the awareness of the value of joint efforts. I think that those who are dealing with a fascist and racist enemy like the Zionist entity do not need to create new enemies.”

At a UN Security Council Open Debate on the Middle East on July 23, 2019 in New York City, US Envoy Jason Greenblatt said:
"Many participants in this conversation continue to re-litigate the events of 1967, when Israel heroically acted to defend itself against a threat of its very existence.
Many would rather rail against the supposed evils of what they routinely call an "illegal occupation" than engage constructively on the disputes that characterize the conflict today. That's not a productive dialogue.
The dispute over the territory is a question that can only be resolved in the context of direct negotiations between the parties. And I am focused on how to get those parties back to that table.
I hope I have your support in that. Those who have weaponized the term "occupation" in order to criticize Israel are doing nothing to promote a resolution to this conflict. In fact, they are heavily undermining the chances for peace and the improvement of the lives of Palestinians and Israelis.
Both Israel and the Palestinians have asserted a claim to certain land. This is an unresolved dispute and it will only be through direct negotiations between the parties that we have a chance of resolving that dispute and achieving a comprehensive peace. Let us not lose sight of the fact that Israel has already conceded at least 88 percent of the territory captured by Israel in the defensive war it had no choice but to fight in 1967."

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