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Fatah official calls for Hamas-Fatah unity, says world supports Palestinian "resistance,” and is against “normalization” with Israel

Headline: “Zaki: Hamas arrests our activists and concurrently coordinates with Dahlan; the [PA] president gave orders to stand against the occupation army”

“Fatah Movement Central Committee member [and Fatah Commissioner for Arab and China Relations] Abbas Zaki sent a message to the Hamas Movement in the Gaza Strip. He called to give the national project priority over all of the other projects…

Zaki said in an interview with [the independent Palestinian news agency] Donia Al-Watan: ‘It is sad that while we are lighting the torch for the 54th anniversary of the outbreak of the Palestinian revolution (i.e., “the Launch” of Fatah commemorating its first attempted terror attack; see note below), Hamas’ security forces are arresting Fatah activists in the Gaza Strip due to their preparations to commemorate the anniversary of the outbreak of the modern revolution.’

Zaki added: ‘What is strange is that Hamas is preventing Fatah activists from celebrating the start of their movement’s activity, and concurrently allowing supporters of “the reform movement” (the supporters of former senior Fatah official Muhammad Dahlan) [parentheses in source] to celebrate wherever they want and whenever they want’…

Regarding how the Palestinian [PA] Security Forces in the Hebron district stood against the Israeli army (Palestinian media reported the PA Security Forces prevented Israeli soldiers from entering Hebron; PMW found no verification of the report –Ed.), Zaki confirmed that [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas ordered tens of thousands from the [Fatah] organization, from the [Fatah] supporters, and from the [Fatah] activists to come out to stand against the settlers and the Israeli army.

He noted that this standing [against Israel] is not military, but rather popular, and comes from the citizens and Fatah supporters, and added: ‘We do not want confrontations to take place between two military forces, so that Israel will not use gunfire against its army as an excuse to invade the West Bank, sow destruction and ruin, and destroy the Palestinian structures and institutions.’

The Fatah Central Committee member said that the armed resistance in the Gaza Strip is one of the most important national achievements, and called to integrate it within the united national framework.

He noted that the international community recently supported the Palestinian resistance, despite the American and Israeli attempts to mobilize [condemnation of it] (apparently refers to UN rejecting US resolution condemning Hamas; see note below –Ed.). Therefore, according to Zaki, Hamas must integrate into the PLO and not clash with it…

He said that the international community makes new decisions nearly every day in favor of Palestine, but those making these decisions are not cutting their ties with Israel…

He added: ‘However, we are certain that everyone whose heart is pure will return to defending Palestine and its people, and one day will cut his ties with the enemy of all of the peoples – “Israel.”’

Zaki noted that the old Israeli plan is still being carried out, as the goal is to destroy three Arab states – Egypt, Syria, and Iraq – and therefore, according to Zaki, the Arabs must unite around these states to defend them, and not engage in normalization with the one and only enemy of the Arab nation.”


UN Resolution condemning Hamas

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