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Australian Christian charity funds terrorist "Abu Jihad Youth Center"

"David Vivian, program coordinator for World Vision Australia, together with Nujud Sa'da, the [World Vision] organization's program director, along with Ashraf Iseed, Fanda Yunan, Sonya Ghanem, from World Vision institute, held a meeting with Marwan Al-Washahi, executive director of the Shahid (Martyr) Salah Khalaf Center and Sa'id Hamdan, head of the Jenin Youth and Sport Administration, to discuss cooperation and future programs of the Youth and Sport Administration and the World Vision organization, and to discuss procedures for operating the World Vision-Palestine stadium in Qabatiya, which has been built at the Shahid (Martyr) Abu Jihad Youth Center...
Marwan Al-Washahi spoke on behalf of Musa Abu Zaid, executive director of the Youth and Sport Administration, thanking the heads of World Vision... and mentioning that the organization had provided the seed financing of the Shahid (Martyr) Abu Jihad Youth Center...
It should be emphasized that the cooperation between the Youth and Sport Administration and World Vision will not end with this project; it will progress to full cooperation in most spheres, both in matters of infrastructure and projects for training, sports, youth, and summer camps.
Afterwards, those present visited the new stadium [named]- "World Vision Stadium - Palestine / Qabatiya". [David] Vivian thanked the Ministry of Youth and Sports, for it's cooperation in the project. He promised that they will work together for ongoing cooperation with the Ministry, in pursuing further projects throughout the homeland."
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Note: Abu Jihad, who the center is named after, was one of the founders of Fatah and ran its terror activities from the mid-1960's. Second to Arafat, he headed the military wing of PLO and served as deputy military commander of Fatah. Abu Jihad planned many of the major Fatah terror attacks, including the worst in Israel's history, in which 37 civilians were murdered in a bus hijacking led by Dalal Mughrabi in 1978.

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