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PA TV on Abbas’ book claims colonialist regimes expelled Jews to Palestine to settle it; Zionists collaborated with Nazis

Official PA TV program I Read, on PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas' book “The Zionist Movement in Lenin’s Writings”

Official PA TV host: “The expanding colonialist states of England, America, Germany, and Czarist Russia – essentially their antisemitic activities, expansionist ambitions, and racist policy turned the Jews towards Palestine so they could settle it under their [the colonialist states’] supervision, while [the states were] competing with each other to realize their colonialist interests.

This is in comparison to the Marxist-Leninist position towards the Zionist movement, a truth that we will present [from] the book ‘The Zionist Movement in Lenin’s Writings,’ a book that is the fruit of the research and pen of the intellectual, [PA] President of the State of Palestine Dr. Mahmoud Abbas…

Let us talk more about the positions of these states…

The German role continued until the end of the Nazi period, which made agreements with the Zionist movement to expel the Jews to Palestine (sic., only one agreement was made – the 1933 Haavara Agreement easing the process for Jews escaping Germany for the Land of Israel – and it did not involve expulsion), while using alienation, fear, murder, and punishment, for example. These stages were included in agreements between Nazi Germany and the Zionist movement. Czarist Russia – [Zionist leader Theodor] Herzl held talks with leaders of the Czar’s regime regarding the possibility of getting rid of the Jews, especially in Russia, and also exploiting the great fortune embodied in the huge Jewish reserve in Russia, which could be the basis for the Zionist settlement in Palestine. Zionism and Antisemitism – even though Zionism and Antisemitism are two polar opposites, they are similar in their positions. Zionism and Antisemitism emphasized the racist attitude towards the Jews of Russia and stood behind the support for the Jewish immigration to Palestine. For this exact reason, the Czarist regime was not a stumbling block in the path of Zionism’s activity. Therefore, the closeness between the Czarist regime and Zionism in everything regarding the Jewish question has a common basis that is hostile to the revolution.

 Zionism and socialism – the Jewish involvement in socialist ideas disturbed the Czarist government and the Zionist movement’s leadership. Therefore Herzl, in cooperation with the Czar, acted to resist the influence of the socialist ideas and to distance the Jews from revolutionary movements, such as their participation in the Russian revolutionary movement. For this, [he acted] to encourage the Zionist ideas among the Jews of Russia. The situation of the Jews in Russia created confusion between the concepts – Judaism, Zionism, and Marxism – and many had difficulty separating them. The colonialist and imperialist circles acted to emphasize and increase this confusion and credited Zionism with all of the successes achieved by Marxism. In this way,it was not possible to differentiate between Judaism as a religion and Zionism as a political, national, and racist movement that is connected to the colonialist and imperialist circles around the world."