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Palestinians were main victims of Holocaust, Jews compared to Nazis in Fatah Holocaust Memorial Day post

Text posted on the official Fatah Facebook page

Posted text: “Here for you is the most beautiful letter I have read on [Israeli] Holocaust Memorial Day:

‘Good morning, my enemy!

While you are drinking your morning coffee in my grandfather’s home in Jaffa and crying over your grandfather in Warsaw on Holocaust Memorial Day, do you believe that I am also crying over him while I am drinking my coffee far from Jaffa, in a Scandinavian city in southern Sweden?

I am crying like you over the Holocaust, of which we are the main [victims] burned by its flames, and we are still being burned every day because of your Holocaust!

Soon the siren will be sounded in my land that was stolen by the sons of your grandfather, and you will stand on the porch of my grandfather’s home and shed tears over your grandfather!

And I will stand next to the window of my room and shed tears over your burnt grandfather that burned the heart of my grandfather, who died in the refugee camp from his longings for Jaffa!

Do you like my grandfather’s home, my enemy?

What do you think of the taste of my grandfather, who built his house in the Ottoman style?

Do you know my grandfather, my enemy?

Your father knows him. He is the one who tore his picture off the wall of the spacious living room in which you are now sitting, and hung the picture of your grandfather, a victim of the Holocaust in Warsaw!

My enemy, let us cry together over your grandfather and my grandfather on Holocaust Memorial Day!

If you wish to cry only over your grandfather, you are free [to do so].

My grandfather did not burn your grandfather, so why did you burn my grandfather, my enemy?

Do you know of Deir Yassin (see note below –Ed.), my enemy? You were not yet born then. Your father who fled Poland from the Nazis’ violence knows of it, as he is the one that set its homes on fire and burned its unarmed residents!

And the next day he cried over the Holocaust before the cameras of the media outlets!

Do not be angry, my enemy, I will not add to your sorrow today while you stand for a minute of silence in memory of the Holocaust victims, and the siren reverberates in my land as you drink coffee in my grandfather’s home and cry over your grandfather!

Do you like Jaffa and Tel Aviv, my enemy?

Do you know the Sa’id Abulafia [bakery], my enemy?

Will you be angry if I tell you that Sa’id Abulafia existed before Tel Aviv?

Do not curse, my enemy! It is not befitting of a cultured man like you to curse the ‘gentiles’ – after all, you are a victim of the Nazis’ racism!

My enemy, how are you different from Hitler’s racism when you call the non-Jews gentiles?

Do not seek your weapon, my enemy, and do not call up the reserve soldiers if a sage seedling in the Galilee does not recognize the Jewishness of the state! How is the Jewishness of the sate different from the Aryan race of Hitler’s Nazis, my enemy?

Do not shoot at me, my enemy, you are a victim, and the victim does not kill!

I did not burn your grandfather at ‘Auschwitz’ that you should burn my children in Gaza!

Tell me, my enemy, how is Adolf Eichmann the Nazi different from [former Israeli Prime Minister] Ariel Sharon?

Do not curse me, my enemy, on Holocaust Memorial Day, when we are still being burned by its fire, while you eat ice cream in ‘victory’ in Jaffa and fan the fire of our holocaust which has not ended after 68 years!’

I liked it and it made me cry.

The writer and journalist: Khaled Issa, a son of the exiled village of Al-Shajara. He visited our village, ‘Neve Shalom,’ and other places during the summer. He lives in Sweden at the moment. His full name: Khaled Issa Dhiabat”

Deir Yassin

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