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PA Health Minister: Israel is “slowly killing” Palestinian prisoners through “deliberate medical neglect”

"[PA Minister of Health Mai] Al-Kaila called on the international community to intervene, bear the human, moral, and legal responsibility, and defend our people that are in the Israeli prison, and especially those among them that are sick. She added that silence regarding Israel's crimes against [the prisoners] and preventing their treatment are what is encouraging the occupation state to continue its crimes and the slow killing of the prisoners.

During the conclusion of a workshop on hunger striking, in cooperation between the [PA] Ministry [of Health], the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), and the military medical services, Al-Kaila explained that the prisoners, who number about 5,500, are suffering from injuries and deliberate medical neglect by the occupation prison management, with full political cover by the Israeli government. Among the prisoners, about 700 are suffering from chronic illnesses, and 25 are suffering from cancer."