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PA conspiracy theory: Hurva synagogue as prelude to 'alleged Temple'

PA TV news broadcast:
Newsreader: "The Israeli newspaper Haaretz has exposed a 300-year old Jewish legend which is behind the building of the Hurva synagogue in the Old City. This [Jewish] prophecy regards the building of the synagogue as a concrete step toward the building of the alleged Temple."

Report on the riots in Jerusalem
Reporter: “The building of the alleged Temple will begin March 16 this year. The prophecy includes signs that the Jews will begin building their alleged Temple together with the inauguration of the Hurva synagogue in the Old City (of Jerusalem). In other words, the Hurva synagogue is a prelude to the destruction of Muslim Jerusalem."

Interview with Yasser Abd Rabbo, secretary of the PLO Executive Committee, concerning the riots in Jerusalem:
"[Israel] entered the holy places to fulfill a [prophetic] legend in order to build what is called ‘the alleged Temple,’ and [Israel] sees the building of a new synagogue as a prelude to this."

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