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Op-ed: Israeli elections herald Israel’s eventual destruction, Jews the cause of their own tragedies, including the Holocaust

Excerpt of op-ed by Yahya Rabah, regular columnist for the official PA daily

Headline: “The downfall of the first layer in the Zionist temple!

“The political situation in Israel is becoming more complicated and difficult. Israeli President [Reuven] Rivlin is trying to do the impossible so that the situation will not reach the point of an uncontrollable explosion. The results of the elections that took place on [Sept.] 17, [2019,] have made the situation more complicated – 55 recommendations for [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu and 54 recommendations for [former Israeli army Chief of Staff Benjamin] Gantz, and no one has a majority that will allow him to assemble a government unless the two parties (i.e., Likud and Blue and White) agree to establish a national unity government – unity between two enemies. So will one of them concede to the other on leading it? Or will the two serve as its head in a rotation? In such a case, the Joint [Arab] List is the one that will lead the opposition, from the inside and the outside. Will the two large parties be able to live with this?

There are hundreds more questions that arise with frightening cruelty before the artificial Zionist temple, which might develop into the destruction of the temple – especially considering the fact that the strong factor that greatly impacts the Israeli stability is the US and its current president, Donald Trump, who since entering the White House in 2016 has given Israel what no one else gives it, but who at the moment is in an unenviable situation; the Democratic party, which constitutes the majority in the House of Representatives, is continuing to advance in the direction of procedures to impeach Trump…

The Zionist temple is shaking with the strongest intensity since the establishment of Israel 71 years ago at the expense of the Palestinian people. However, this is not an unusual situation, as every Zionist temple that fell in the past fell because of rumblings in the lives of the Jews themselves. There is no difficult experience that the Jews have undergone without some of them having caused it and been major participants in it, whether the experience was the Holocaust or any other tragic event.”