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Palestine - "Its borders are the blood of the Palestinian Martyr… He joined the dance… with a rifle in hand” - children on PA TV

Official Palestinian Authority TV  |

Official PA TV program The Best Home, a medley of folk songs with some words changed from the original, sung by a boy and a girl. Broadcast on May 26, 2017; rebroadcast on Oct. 3, 2019.

"O Ahmed, this is my country - Palestinian... 
Its borders are [set by] the blood of the Palestinian Martyr - Palestinian 
History bears witness to us... 
He joined the Arab folk dance with rifle in hand, 
He made a vow and fulfilled the promise: 
Palestine, my land, will remain decorated 
My land – from Aqaba to Rosh HaNikra." 

Rosh HaNikra – in northern Israel
Aqaba - Jordanian city next to southernmost town in Israel, Eilat

The words of the song were altered from the original song, which is a love song.
The original lyrics:
"He joined the Arab folk dance and stamped his feet
My heart loves the Dabke for him
I like his dance, I like his looks, I like the dark skinned one." 

Describing “Palestine” as reaching “from Aqaba to Rosh HaNikra” erases all of Israel.

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