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Fatah official attacks Israeli politician and former Chief of Staff Gantz: “A general whose hands are covered in the blood of our innocent people”

Text posted on the official Fatah Facebook page

Posted text: “A response to [leader of the Blue and White Israeli political party Benjamin] Gantz: Gantz insists on adhering to his dark past as chief of staff of the world’s largest terror organization, which falsely calls itself ‘the Israeli Defense Forces!’ At the height of the fear that is gripping him as he enters the elections that no one will win at all, he came at us with childish statements that show short-sightedness and an absence of skills to lead a government that will save the Israeli voter first and foremost from the danger inherent in Gantz and his ilk when they speak with such shamelessness about Palestinian [PA] President [Mahmoud Abbas] and the Fatah Movement. At this opportunity, we say to him that Fatah and the president of Palestine are not waiting for a ‘certificate of good conduct’ from a general whose hands are covered in the blood of our innocent people. If these statements actually indicate anything, they are proof that the Israeli voter has no serious option. Neither Gantz nor [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu have the moral qualifications and political ability to create a real change that will save the region and its peoples from the sudden danger being advanced by the ruling class of the state of settlement, occupation, and terror. His statements are just proof of this.

Head of the Information Office of the Fatah Movement Mobilization and Organization Commission Munir Al-Jaghoub”

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