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Fatah official: Settlers should be afraid to walk in the streets

Official PA TV program Topic of the Day, on the First Fatah Conference for Popular Resistance and a Palestinian delegation sent to Egypt regarding electricity, hosting Head of The Committee to Resist Settlements and the Wall Walid Assaf, Fatah Revolutionary Council member Abd Al-Ilah Atteereh, and Head of the Energy Commission Zafer Melhem

Fatah Revolutionary Council member Abd Al-Ilah Atteereh: "Would the settlers have walked in the street and raised their heads against the Palestinians about 23 years ago? (Possibly refers to the situation before the Oslo Peace Accords were signed) No. There would be a military jeep before and after the settlers when they would go from any one place to any other place. The settlers were afraid to move. Now the settlers raise their heads in the streets. This is one of Fatah's missions – the settlers must return to the situation they were in and also leave."