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Head of PLO prisoners’ commission visits family of terrorist murderer; There are 5,000 prisoners

Headline: "Abu Bakr: The prisoners' cause needs international pressure and Arab action"

"[PA] Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs (sic., Director of PLO Commission of Prisoners' Affairs) Qadri Abu Bakr said… during a press conference… that there are 5,000 prisoners in 22 prisons, among them 700 sick people and 40 who are suffering from chronic illnesses…

After the press conference, Abu Bakr and an entourage from the commission… visited a number of released prisoners and families of prisoners from the Tubas and [Jordan] Valley district.

The delegation also visited… the family of prisoner Amru Hamil (i.e., terrorist, murdered 1 together with an accomplice) from the village of Bardala, who was arrested 17 years ago and sentenced to life."


Amru Hamil – Palestinian terrorist who, together with an accomplice, stabbed and murdered 60-year-old Simha Ron on April 27, 2001. Hamil is serving a life sentence and an additional 5 years.