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Israel was created to benefit “superpowers,” Jewish history in country is “myth and lie”

Excerpt of op-ed by Yahya Rabah, regular columnist for the official PA daily

"Israel is an occupation state that arose 71 years ago in order to carry out roles for the benefit of the superpowers, whether in the stage of the colonialist wave or of the imperialist wave. The new changes in the roles of these two waves have created many crises in Israel, and their most important expression is from the current crisis, as 2019 is about to end with Israel unable to form a government [after] having fled to elections twice this year – and it is liable to flee to them a third time. In my opinion, the reason is that Israel can no longer fulfill the roles that were created for it –determining the region’s situation. Moreover, it is incapable of determining its own situation, and the model known as the fathers of Zionism no longer exists in Israel at any level. Therefore, the occupation and settlement, which are wrapped in a myth and a lie – according to which the Israelis were here and this is their country to which they are returning – have now become an impotent lie."


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