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Fatah official in Lebanon meets with Hezbollah

Headline: “The Fatah Movement leadership in Beirut met with Hezbollah and the Union party”

“The leadership of the Fatah Movement’s Beirut branch began its dialogue visits among the Lebanese parties and forces in order to renew the connections, build bridges of communication, and brief these parties on the political developments in the Palestinian arena.

The first of these rounds was Hezbollah, and a delegation composed of Secretary of Fatah and the PLO Factions in Beirut Samir Abu Afash and Fatah members in Beirut… visited the Hezbollah office in Dahieh, where they were received by the party’s Deputy Director of Political Relations Sheikh Atallah Hammoud…

Sheikh Atallah Hammoud emphasized that the Zionist-American plan must be thwarted and said that the time has come for this enemy to be deterred. He noted that Iran has sent a number of messages to Saudi Arabia and the [United Arab] Emirates in order to reach mutual understandings and cooperation, but they have refused and boasted about the deal of the century (i.e., refers to US President Donald Trump’s as yet unpublished Middle East peace plan).”

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