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Jerusalem Post story on PMW report


On PA television for kids, Israel is only a fairy tale

By Ben Hartman| 18/03/2010

Program teaches children about different areas of Palestine, using a map that includes all of Israel but is simply labeled "Palestine."

Palestinian Authority television is broadcasting a new children's show that shows a map of "Palestine" that covers the entire territory of the State of Israel, the group Palestinian Media Watch reported on Tuesday. According to PMW, the program Chicks features a recurring segment that teaches children about different areas of Palestine, using a map that includes all of Israel but is simply labeled "Palestine."

Next to the map is written in English and Arabic "Explore Your Country."

Founder and director of Palestinian Media Watch, Itamar Marcus, said the PMW report was released as part of a campaign to highlight the reinforcement of such messages of delegitimization of Israel that are endemic to Palestinian Authority broadcasting.

Marcus said the maps used by official PA bodies are no different from those used by terror groups, saying "if you look at Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Aksa Martyrs Brigades, all of these terror groups use the exact same maps as the PA. The only difference is the PA map doesn't have rifles on it."

Marcus said such depictions of Palestine "absolutely" symbolize a denial of Israel's right to exist, which is reinforced by the usage of such maps across virtually all sectors of Palestinian society.

Marcus also mentioned a children's program on PA TV called The Best Home that refers to Israeli Arab children as Palestinians and tells children living in mixed-cities within Israel like Lod, Ramle, and Be'er Sheva that they live in "occupied Palestine."

According to PMW, the host of the show tells Israeli Arab viewers: "Dear children... we will always remain in contact with you, because you have the right, and this program is certainly yours too, just as it belongs to every Palestinian child, since you are part of occupied Palestine." Marcus said PMW has also analyzed dozens of Palestinian school books which reinforce this message.

The release of the video on Tuesday is part of a PMW campaign to highlight denial of Israel's existence across several different categories of Palestinian society, both civil and governmental.