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Recognition of Israel is hazard, has only harmed Palestinians

Article by Adli Sadeq, PLO Ambassador to India and regular columnist for official PA daily, in response to the rededication of a synagogue:
"If we cannot respond to the fire of oppression with the fire of justice and legitimate struggle, the very least [we can do] is to declare explicitly that recognition of Israel's right to be a state in this region represents an environmental and security hazard; it creates the basis for acute internal and regional tensions, and distorts history, just as it poisons the future. It may be that the most important ramification of the recognition of Israel's right to be a state with which we shall participate – or not participate – in a peace process, is encouragement of the Arab polity to support American strategy in the region… with the pretext that Washington is acting for the sake of peace…
From our point of view, nothing is currently as pressing as the destruction of the constructions of words which have been built within the framework of the peace process. Recognition of Israel has harmed us and has brought us the opposite results, for these occupiers are not worthy of goodwill gestures, political rapprochement, or negotiations of any form. They have made their decision, as part of a joint plan with the Americans, such that the challenge now requires a new spirit, a different language, and a rationale that will create the basis for a unifying Arab understanding of the nature of the sudden danger, whose proof is what is now happening in Jerusalem."