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Fatah official: Israeli curriculum in Jerusalem is “dangerous curriculum of Judaization and normalization;” Israel accused of heritage theft

Headline: "The Israeli parties are escalating their threats against the holy city [of Jerusalem]"

"Secretary of the Fatah Movement’s Jerusalem Branch Shadi Mtawwer said: 'The Israeli elections have no significance for the Palestinian people because all of the parties, right-wing and left-wing, have one plan, and that is to Judaize Jerusalem and the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque.’ …

Mtawwer congratulated the committee of parents of Shuafat School students on preventing the visit of occupation Mayor [of Jerusalem] Moshe Leon with a determined and heroic position, in order to sow the correct historical thinking in the minds of our students.

The occupation authorities have also worked in the last seven years in order to threaten the [students’] thinking and change the cultural and historical reality, by increasing the number of new schools that are affiliated with the Israeli curriculum (matriculation exams) and attacking the thinking of the Jerusalem students – which is considered the most dangerous curriculum of Judaization and normalization, which fights the intelligence and thinking and calls to move away from affiliation with the homeland, the religion, and the history of Jerusalem.

Chairman of the committees of parents of Jerusalem school students Ziyad Al-Shamali said: 'The Israeli curriculum was prepared in order to erase the memory and implant in it Judaizing ideas and concepts, in order to divert them from our Palestinian history… and in order to erase the religious identity by erasing our holiest Islamic site, which is the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, and replace it with what is called the alleged Temple Mount, in addition to a false history with no source in any culture or in the Abrahamic religions.'

Al-Shamali added: 'Judaism is a religion and it is not a state, and the so-called [state] is the Zionists' occupation of the Palestinian people's country, the country of the Night Journey and the Ascent to Heaven. Jerusalem is the capital of historical Palestine and is not the capital of the occupying thief. Lifta, Qalunya, Deir Yassin, Quneitra, Haifa, Jaffa, Acre (i.e., locations within Israel), the villages that were expelled, and the existing villages are historically Palestinian – in ancient times and modern times. The kibbutzes and moshavs (i.e., collective and cooperative Jewish settlements) that are mentioned in their fabricated curriculum and in the distorted and false Palestinian curriculum books that the occupation municipality is printing are nothing but cancerous villages that have spread through our country as a result of the oppressive occupation, and they have no existence, [not even] historically. The Palestinian garb, falafel, hummus, laffas, Musakhan, and Maftoul (i.e., foods) are from our history to this day, in addition to the Dabke and Dahiyya (i.e., dances), which are a symbol of our Palestinian celebrations.

He emphasized that it does not matter how much the occupation has attempted to steal them, history will not agree to this, because it is foreign and distorts ancient and modern history."