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International org condemns detention of journalist by PA security forces

Headline: "An international organization condemned the preventative detention of the journalist from Tubas"

"The Skyline International organization condemned the fact that the [PA] Preventive Security Forces are continuing the detention of journalist Mahmoud Abu Al-Hassan from Tubas since Oct. 14 [2019].

The international human rights institution said in a statement that Abu Al-Hassan's detention was extended yesterday, Sunday [Oct. 20, 2019], by an additional 15 days without bringing any charges against him…

Abu Al-Hassan's wife… explained that her spouse was taken to the [Preventive Security] Forces headquarters, where he was detained due to his journalistic work for the Palestine Post network and for a variety of accusations including accepting money from external sources, despite the fact that these sources are the salary that he receives in exchange for his journalistic work."

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