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PA Minister: Education sector in Jerusalem is under “strong attack in order to Judaize” and "Israelize" it

Headline: "Al-Hadmi: We will thwart the Israeli plans to Judaize and Israelize the Palestinian schoolbooks in Jerusalem"

"[PA] Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Fadi Al-Hadmi said that the Palestinian [PA] government considers the aid to education in Jerusalem one of its priorities and will continue to give aid and support to this important sector, which is being subjected to a strong attack in order to Judaize it and Israelize it.

Al-Hadmi said this during a tour he made of Jerusalem that included a visit to Dar Al-Tifl Al-Arabi Al-Mutran School… in which he emphasized that Jerusalem with all of its institutions is completely Palestinian-Arab and will remain so, and that the Palestinian government's instructions are clear in this matter, and it will act against all of the plans whose goal is to Judaize the holy city [of Jerusalem]."