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PA government demands PA court revoke decision to block news websites

Headline: “The [PA] government demands to revoke the decision to block a number of websites”

“The [PA] government demanded that the concerned parties and [PA] attorney general revoke the decision to block a number of websites…

In a statement from its official spokesman, the government yesterday [Oct. 21, 2019] demanded that those responsible for all of the websites and social media pages observe the professional and ethical standards on everything connected to news reports and media materials that are published. At the same time, it emphasized that it protects freedom of opinion and expression, which are guaranteed by all of the regulations and laws – Palestinian and international alike.

It was also said in the statement that the government followed the decision that was made yesterday in the Ramallah Magistrate Court to block a number of websites and social media pages. It emphasized that it respects the international conventions that guarantee the protection of rights. It also emphasized that it greatly respects the independence of the legal system, and that it is not interfering in its affairs.”

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