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Fatah and PA vow to persecute those who sell land to Jews in Jerusalem; Israel’s goal is “Judaiziation,” changing identity of city

Headline: "Condemnations of the targeting of [PA] Security Forces members and Fatah activists in Jerusalem"

"The occupation forces arrested 32 Jerusalem residents early yesterday morning [Nov. 26, 2018], including approximately 20 Fatah Movement members in the holy city and released prisoners…

Fatah condemned the wave of arrests and harassment that the occupation authorities are carrying out in occupied Jerusalem against the movement's leaders and activists, who are struggling with courage and might against the occupation's plans, whose goal is to change the Palestinian, Arab, Islamic, and Christian identity of Jerusalem

In another statement, the movement said: 'The arrest of our leaders and activists in Jerusalem will not harm our determination, or cause us to hesitate to continue the struggle and the defense of Jerusalem, the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre…'

Fatah sent a clear message to the occupation's pawns, to their assistants, and to their agents who are helping them to illegally sell Palestinian assets:

'History, the land, and the people will have no mercy on anyone that has sold his soul cheaply, agreed to serve as a pimp, or sold his honor for a handful of dollars, which will not hide his face above ground or his body below ground…'

Official Spokesman of the [PA] Security Forces [and General Political Commissioner of the PLO Political and National Guidance Authority] Adnan Al-Damiri said: 'The arrest and persecution of Security Force officers and Fatah members in the capital of the State of Palestine by occupation forces will not at all dissuade the members of our people, and the residents of Jerusalem in particular, from fulfilling their national, moral, and human obligation regarding the targeting of Jerusalem, its Judaization, the destruction, and the expulsion of its residents.'

He added: 'The occupation understands that all of its arbitrary steps will not prevent our people from continuing to defend its city, Palestinian and Arab Jerusalem… It will stand most decisively against those who sell land illegally, and against the settlers.'"

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