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Is a Zionist biological bomb poisoning the Middle East?

Nan Jacques Zilberdik  |

Fatah official: “The Zionist entity... is a biological bomb... poisoning the whole climate in the region”

  • “The Zionist enemy... wants to incite the world against the Muslims”

Referring to Israel as “the Zionist enemy,” a member of the Fatah Revolutionary Council has claimed that Israel seeks to “incite the world against the Muslims” in order to trigger a war between Jews and Arabs.
Fatah official Haj Rifat Shanaah also said that Israel is trying to conjure up an image of being “weak and surrounded by hundreds of millions of Muslims and Arabs” in order to get support from the world. In fact, the Fatah official explained, it is the other way around. The Arab world is under threat from the “biological bomb” that is the “Zionist entity”: 

Official PA TV host: “How can we deal with the plans of the Israeli occupation, which is pushing towards a religious war...”

Fatah Revolutionary Council member Haj Rifat Shanaah: “The Zionist enemy... wants to incite the world against the Muslims. It actually wants the war to be between the Jews who are on the Palestinian lands - who are 'weak and surrounded by hundreds of millions of Muslims and Arabs'... This [false] image makes the world unite around this Zionist entity. But it is the exact opposite - the Zionist entity is a sort of biological bomb that is spreading and expanding, and poisoning the whole climate in the region.”

[Official PA TV, From Beirut, Oct. 1, 2019]
Palestinian Media Watch has documented numerous statements by PA and Fatah officials claiming Israel wants to trigger a religious war, however it was actually Abbas’ advisor on religious affairs, Mahmoud Al-Habbash, who last year stated that Islam's religious war to destroy Israel has started

Al-Habbash: "Jerusalem is the arena of conflict between us and the colonialist project [Israel]... Jerusalem's [Al-Aqsa] Mosque apparently is the heading for the eruption of the conflict and The Battle of History between Islam and the enemies of Islam; between the Muslims and the enemies of Muslims; between the Islamic culture in all its splendor and human glory and the culture of Satan attempting to establish oppression and aggression at the expense of the culture of truth and goodness... This mosque is decreed to be the arena of the battle between good and evil. This mosque and this wonderful city - the city of history, religion, and culture, Jerusalem - are decreed to be the heading of the conflict... Jerusalem is the heading of this battle, this conflict, and this round, which I and many others see as the key, as the first step, as the spark of the battle of the 'final promise.'''

[Official PA TV, Quranic Horizons, June 30, 2018, emphasis added]
PA officials also often claim that Israel is a threat to the Middle East and the entire world