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PLO official expresses support of Venezuelan regime; US spreads anarchy across world

Headline: “Rafat condemns the failed coup attempt in Venezuela”

“PLO Executive Committee member and Deputy Secretary-General of the Palestinian Democratic Union FIDA Saleh Rafat condemned the failed military coup attempt in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela (refers to Venezuelan opposition calling for protests and a military uprising against the government on May 1, 2019, as part of ongoing confrontations; see note below –Ed.), yesterday, Tuesday [May 1, 2019], in an attempt to overthrow the legal [Venezuelan] President Nicolás Maduro with the support of the US – which constitutes blatant interference in Venezuela’s internal affairs.

In a statement, Rafat noted yesterday that the American interference in Venezuela’s internal affairs is a violation of international agreements and conventions. He added that the coup attempt against the constitution and the elected leadership (Maduro’s election was determined to be fraudulent –Ed.) is a coup against the democratic process, which exposes America’s colonialist intentions and its goals – spreading anarchy through all of the world's states.

He emphasized that it is important to respect the states’ sovereignty and independence. He also emphasized that the Palestinian people stands alongside the Venezuelan leadership led by President Nicolás Maduro against the American interference in the affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and against the agents of the US, who attempted to stage a coup against the Venezuelan people’s values and laws.

Venezuelan crisis 2018-2019 - Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro won a second term in the Venezuelan presidential election in May 2018; however, the election was determined to be fraudulent and Venezuela has been considered to be without a president by most of the international community since Jan. 10, 2019, when Nicolás Maduro’s legitimate term ended. Maduro nevertheless has continued as president, supported by countries like Russia, China, Mexico, Syria, Iran, and Turkey. The US, Canada, the EU, and others have condemned this and encouraged support for Venezuela's opposition leader Juan Guaidó as the country’s legitimate president. Guaidó proclaimed himself “acting president” on Jan. 23, 2019, but Maduro has refused to step down. The countries supporting Guaidó have been accused by Russia and others of fomenting a coup. Dozens have been killed in protests against Maduro and his government, and the people are suffering under food and medicine shortages.