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Palestine Olympic Committee expresses “sorrow” over some Arab countries allowing Israeli athletes to compete in sport events

Note: Fatah official Jibril Rajoub is the Head of the Palestine Olympic Committee

Headline: “The [Palestine] Olympic Committee expresses deep sorrow over the normalization carried out by some Arab states with the occupation in the field of sports”

“The Palestine Olympic Committee expressed deep sorrow over the normalization carried out by some Arab states with the Israeli occupation in the field of sports.

In a statement published yesterday evening [Nov. 4, 2018] in response to the participation of sports delegations from the occupation state in some Arab sporting events, the Olympic Committee demanded that the Council of Arab Ministers for Youth and Sports, the Union of Arab [National] Olympic Committees, and the Islamic Solidarity [Sports Federation] fulfill their roles and do that which is entrusted to them regarding this matter against anyone who bypasses the decisions of the Arab and Islamic consensus…

The committee’s statement said: ‘At a time when the occupation authorities are going wild, acting arrogantly, and escalating their irresponsible steps against the entire Palestinian sports establishment… it is sad that the occupation state’s athletes and the occupation’s symbols of racism and crime are present in some Arab capitals, such as Abu Dhabi and Doha (refers to Israeli flag and anthem displayed and played for Israeli medalists at Abu Dhabi judo tournament in late October 2018, and additional tournaments in Arab states –Ed.). It is sad that they are despicably manipulating their presence for full normalization, and that the occupation state’s anthem is being played before all.’

The statement also said: ‘[Israeli] Minister of Culture and Sports Miri Regev, who is considered one of the most criminal and racist extremists, and whose declared slogan at all the sports events is ‘Death to the Arabs’ (sic., Regev has no such slogan), merits a warm reception in an Arab capital, is kindly received in tourist tours, and even enters holy mosques.’

The committee reminded everyone of the decisions of the Council of Arab Ministers for Youth and Sports… and the declared position that opposes normalization with the Israeli occupation and defines it as a crime as long as it is occupying Palestine and the Arab lands and violating the international conventions and laws.”

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