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Fatah official calls Israeli army “Nazi-like” and condemns “normalization” in sports

Headline: “Rajoub condemned the occupation army’s Nazi-like behavior and its violations of the world Olympic Charter”

“Chairman of the [Palestine] Olympic Committee [and Fatah Central Committee Secretary] Jibril Rajoub described the steps that the occupation forces are taking against Palestinian sport as shameful barbarity, and the occupation forces as neo-Nazis.

Rajoub said this after a visit he paid to the Palestine Olympic Committee headquarters tonight [Dec. 14, 2018] in order to check the wellbeing of the management team and employees who were at the institute during the occupation forces’ invasion of it. He emphasized that what happened constitutes a strong affront and blatant violation of the world Olympic Charter…

Rajoub called on the Arab and Islamic nations – and particularly on the sport families and their official and popular bodies – to adhere to the Arab League’s decisions opposing all types of normalization with the occupation, including normalization in the field of sport. He also described normalization in the field of sport at this stage as a betrayal of sporting ethics and Arab nationalism.

In a statement Rajoub again emphasized the Palestinian sport family’s insistence on continuing with its events and activities to raise the level of Palestinian sport and its national message. He emphasized that the occupation’s Nazism and fascism will not prevent the continued blossoming of the field of sport in Palestine.”

Jibril Rajoub also holds the following positions: Head of the PLO Supreme Council for Sport and Youth Affairs, Chairman of the Palestinian Football Association, and Chairman of the Palestinian Scout Association (PSA).

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