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Fatah criticizes Hamas for digging tunnels at the expense of Gazan civilians who are left “at the mercy of the Israeli killing machine”

Text posted on the official Fatah Facebook page, written by Secretary of Fatah’s Branch in Poland Khalil Nazzal

Posted text: "Hamas and the rest of the armed organizations in Gaza do not stop bragging about their military capability and the network of tunnels that protect their fighters and ease their movement underground. These are capabilities that are being developed at the expense of the daily services to the civilians who are standing firm and need the minimum daily necessities for secure and dignified lives. These same factions have no choice but to feel shame vis-à-vis this consideration of military force, since while they fortify their fighters in tunnels, they leave the civilians at the mercy of the Israeli killing machine that knowingly aims for the greatest losses among the weaponless civilians. The civilians have the right to ask: 'Why are you excavating the tunnels for yourselves and not building shelters for the simple people?' Those who claim that they are constantly preparing themselves to face the enemy cannot be sincere in what they say when they avoid providing the minimum protection for the civilians so that they will not constitute 'fuel' for all of the conflicts, and easy prey for the desire for war and terror to which the enemy army and its leaders – the political ones even before the military ones – are addicted."