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Chairman of Muslim-American organization on Hamas TV: Jews use blood of non-Jews to make matzah bread

Al-Aqsa TV, Hamas  |
Dr. Salah Sultan, Chairman of the American Center for Islamic Research, in Columbus, Ohio, US:
"I want our brothers, and the whole world to know, what is happening right now during the Passover festival, and what Dr. Naguib Kilani wrote. Read Naguib Kilani's book, "Blood for the Matzos of Zion." On these days, every year, the Zionists kidnap some non-Muslims – from among Christians and others. In fact, an incident of this sort happened in one of the Jewish neighborhoods in Damascus. They murdered the French doctor Tomaso, who used to treat the Jews and others for free – but his treatment was meant to spread Christianity. Although the community that enjoyed the greatest benefit from his services were his friends (the Jews), his friends took him on one of these holidays, slaughtered him along with a nurse, and made matzos from the blood of Dr. Tomaso and the nurse. They carry out this practice every year, and therefore the world must know the facts about the Zionist entity and about these depraved and terrible tenets of [their] faith. The world must know these things."