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Fatah official: US has never supported peace and is the real occupier, Secretary of State Pompeo is a war criminal

Text posted on the Facebook page of Fatah Central Committee member Rawhi Fattouh

Posted text: “Anyone who thinks that the US was ever in favor of peace is not only mistaken but also deceiving himself. From the beginning, it has been the one thwarting the peace process. Even the Oslo Accords were formulated without its knowledge or participation…

Now, after [Donald] Trump has been appointed [US] president, its deceit has been revealed and the lie of the American administration throughout all of the previous periods has been exposed. Today [Nov. 19, 2019], Trump’s Secretary of State [Mike Pompeo] suddenly pops up and says that ‘the settlements are not inconsistent with international law’ (sic., he said this on Nov. 18, 2019). Is there any greater arrogance and insolence than this? Is the US not the real occupier of our country, while Israel has only a functional role? …

Our response to Pompeo… is: Your declaration on the Israeli settlements in Jerusalem and the West Bank makes you a war criminal, as you are not obeying international law."

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