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PA daily cartoon implies Israel executes Palestinian prisoners

Cartoon published in the official PA daily

Text on cartoon: "The sick prisoners"

The cartoon shows a prisoner with his hand cuffed to a chain lying on his back on a bed of nails, with a wooden stand by his bed with a small Israeli flag on it. An infusion bag is hanging from one arm of the stand with a tube leading down to the man’s arm, and a hangman's noose is hanging from the other arm of the stand.

The cartoon was published the day after Palestinian prisoner Sami Abu Diak died of cancer despite treatment provided by Israel during his imprisonment.

Sami Ahed Abu Diak - Palestinian terrorist who shot and murdered Israeli civilian Ilya Krivitz in Silat Al-Dhar northwest of Nablus on June 20, 2001, and also murdered 3 Palestinians in 2001 who he suspected of aiding Israel. Abu Diak was arrested in 2002, and was serving 3 life sentences and an additional 30 years. Abu Diak died in prison of cancer on Nov. 26, 2019; Israel had provided cancer treatment for him during his imprisonment.

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