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Abbas calls father of “Martyr” prisoner who died of cancer; Abbas’ office warns of “slow murders of prisoners”

Headline: “The [PA] president calls the father of prisoner Martyr Abu Diak and expresses condolences over his death as a Martyr in the occupation’s prison”

“[PA] President of the State of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas called the father of prisoner Martyr Sami Abu Diak (i.e., he was serving 3 life sentences; see note below) today (Tuesday) [Nov. 26, 2019], and conveyed his condolences to him over the death of his son as a Martyr…

He prayed to Allah Almighty that He wrap him in His great mercies and let him dwell in the expanses of Paradise…

The Palestinian [PA] Presidential Office warned against a continuation of the series of slow murders of prisoners in the Israeli occupation’s prison, and held the occupation government responsible for the death of prisoner Sami Abu Diak as a Martyr (Abu Diak died of cancer despite treatment he received from Israel in prison –Ed.).”

Sami Ahed Abu Diak - Palestinian terrorist who shot and murdered Israeli civilian Ilya Krivitz in Silat Al-Dhar northwest of Nablus on June 20, 2001, and also murdered 3 Palestinians in 2001 who he suspected of aiding Israel. Abu Diak was arrested in 2002, and was serving 3 life sentences and an additional 30 years. Abu Diak died in prison of cancer on Nov. 26, 2019; Israel had provided cancer treatment for him during his imprisonment.