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PA governor: Israel trying to manipulate PA schoolbooks as part of plan to erase “the Islamic and Christian Arab culture,” trying to falsify history

Headline: “Ghaith briefed a French delegation from the Meurthe-et-Moselle region on the situation in Palestine and Jerusalem”

“Jerusalem District Governor Adnan Ghaith... briefed members of a delegation from the French Meurthe-et-Moselle region, whom he met yesterday morning, Friday [April 19, 2019], on the situation in Jerusalem and Palestine…

Ghaith described the struggle that the State of Palestine is waging in the field of education in Jerusalem, and explained that approximately 55% of the schools in Jerusalem are under the occupation municipality’s control…

He spoke about the battle over the schoolbooks that the Palestinian people and the PA are waging, since the occupation authorities are attempting to manipulate the Palestinian schoolbooks and change terms from the heart of the Palestinian history and doctrine, as part of a systematic plan to erase the characteristics of the Islamic and Christian Arab culture and brainwash the new generations and strip them of their cultural and historical past, which has been rooted in this land for thousands of years, by using means of forgery, falsification, and deception that have nearly misled many.

The same is true regarding the cultural matter, according to what Ghaith added, since the occupation authorities are carrying out actions of restoration, destruction, and excavation in the Old City [of Jerusalem] and are attempting to show the fake Jewish character, far from its Islamic and Christian sources. He also mentioned the Mughrabi Gate neighborhood, whose houses were destroyed and removed and most of its residents were expelled, in addition to the prevention of many Palestinian cultural activities and events in the holy city, and additional arbitrary steps whose goal is to erase and negate the Islamic and Christian Arab character of Jerusalem and mislead the world that there is no previous Arab presence in this city.”