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PA TV honors "Prince of Shahids" Abu Jihad

PA TV filler between broadcasts:
     "’These are my ancestors’ – Prince of the Shahids – Khalil Al-Wazir (Abu Jihad)”
"In 1965 he left Algeria for Damascus, where he established the military headquarters and was appointed responsible for contacts with the Martyr fighter [Fedayeen] cells in the occupied homeland. He also participated in the 1967 war and directed military activity against the Israeli army in the Upper Galilee region. Thereafter he assumed [military] responsibility for the Western district in Fatah. This sector commanded the operations in the occupied lands [northern Israel]. During his tenure as commander of this sector he devoted himself to developing the fighting abilities of the revolutionary forces.
In addition, he played a prominent role in commanding the battle… in Beirut in 1982, which lasted for 88 days, during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. Abu Jihad was appointed to many positions during his life. He was one of the members of the Palestinian National Council, a member of the Supreme Military Council of the revolution, a member of the PLO Central Council, [and] deputy commander general of the revolutionary forces. He is also considered the most prominent engineer of the first Intifada (Palestinian terror campaign) and one of its most enthusiastic commanders.
Israel sensed the danger of this man and of the ideas that he bore with him, along with the fact that he was behind many daring operations, and they decided to get rid of him and to physically eliminate him…
His elimination brought about an intensification of the popular Palestinian Intifada. In the occupied homeland at that time there were widespread marches of anger and denunciation, condemning the criminal Israeli crime [of Abu Jihad's elimination] against one of the symbols of the Palestinian national struggle and of its first pioneers."