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Archbishop: Israel is targeting holy sites, wants to empty Jerusalem "of its original residents," the Palestinians

Headline: “The archbishop briefed a British human rights delegation regarding the Palestinian developments”

“Head of the of the [Greek] Christian-Orthodox Sebastia Diocese Archbishop Atallah Hanna received a British human rights delegation that represents a number of human rights institutions yesterday [May 9, 2019] …

Hanna said who those who are targeting the Al-Aqsa Mosque are precisely those who are targeting our Christian holy sites, as we are all being targeted in our holy city [Jerusalem], and they want us to become a marginal and oppressed minority. They also want us to become guests in our own city, and not only that – our enemies also hope that we will pack up our possessions and leave our city so that Jerusalem will be empty of its original residents and sons, and they will settle in their place colonialist settlers that are occupying our land.”