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PA and Fatah against US hospital in Gaza, claims it is “an American military base” in disguise and collaboration with Hamas

Headline: “How can the one (i.e., the US) who stops transferring money to the hospitals in Jerusalem establish a hospital for our people in Gaza? – National and popular opposition to the establishment of the dubious American hospital in Gaza”

“Activists from among our people and its factions, national figures, and academics yesterday [Nov. 30, 2019] continued to express opposition to the establishment of the dubious American hospital on the Gaza Strip's border with the occupation state – especially since this is being carried out with no coordination with the national factions, the [PA] Ministry of Health, or any Palestinian governmental body, and due to the security concerns stemming from its location next to the so-called ‘security fence,’ which is under the occupation’s control.

Prominent figures from our people emphasized yesterday in separate announcements and statements that this dubious hospital is being built as part of Hamas’ understandings with the Israeli occupation state and with the blessing of [US President Donald] Trump’s American administration. They noted that at a time when the US is stopping its aid to the Palestinian health sector in general and to the hospitals in occupied Jerusalem in particular, it is supporting this project and through it is presenting itself as ‘the world leader of humanitarianism,’ which increases the suspicions about it.

The American organization FriendShips, which is managed by American Zionist Don Tipton and his wife Sandra, is responsible for the hospital. [Tipton] is known for his personal friendship with [Israeli] occupation Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his support for Israel, and his hostility to the Arabs.

The Fatah Movement condemned Hamas’ agreement to the establishment of an American military base in the northern Gaza Strip in the guise of a field hospital. It emphasized its opposition and our people’s opposition to the existence of this hospital…

Fatah Central Committee member [and Fatah Commissioner of Mobilization and Organization in the West Bank] Jamal Muhaisen said that the hospital is being established as part of the treaty between the Muslim Brotherhood and the US, and this is in order to disconnect the Gaza Strip from the West Bank…

[PA] Minister of Health Mai Al-Kaila again expressed the [PA] government’s opposition… to the construction of the hospital, which will be established in the northern Gaza Strip under the auspices of Hamas and the occupation.

Al-Kaila said yesterday in statements to [the official PA] radio [station] The Voice of Palestine: ‘We know nothing about this hospital except what has been published in the media – this is an American field hospital, which was active in Syria and is now being moved to northern Gaza, despite the opposition to its establishment from the national factions that think its existence is suspicious and has political goals rather than therapeutic ones.’”

Jamal Muhaisen also serves as PLO Central Council member.

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