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Fatah official: “The Palestinian people will not relinquish a grain of soil [of] Palestine from the Sea to the River”

“Dozens of civilians and foreign solidarity activists suffered from suffocation yesterday [Nov. 29, 2019] after they inhaled the toxic gas fired by the occupation army during the oppression of the weekly Kafar Qaddum procession against the settlement…

[Fatah’s] Qalqilya branch media spokesperson and popular resistance coordinator in the village Murad Shtewi emphasized that the Palestinian people will not relinquish a grain of soil from the land of historical Palestine from the [Mediterranean] Sea to the [Jordan] River, despite the American administration’s attempts to allow the occupation state to expand the settlement and legitimize it, and he demanded that our people carry out a popular revolution against the occupation everywhere.

In the procession, which set out after Friday prayers, hundreds of members of the village and a number of foreign solidarity activists and Israeli activists participated, led by a group of scouts from the Kafar Qaddum High School for Boys and a number of boy and girl scouts who waved signs emphasizing the right of our people in Palestine and the return to it from its [Mediterranean] Sea to its [Jordan] River.”

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