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Resident of refugee camp: “Allah willing, Palestine will be liberated, these Jews will leave our land”

Official PA TV program The Refugee Camps – Resolve and Return, on poor people in the Al-Amari refugee camp having their house repaired on PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ orders with aid from the PA TV program

PA Presidential Office’s Humanitarian Affairs Department Director Raeda Fares: “We have arrived today on behalf of [PA] President [Mahmoud Abbas].”

Homeowner’s mother Um Ahmed: “May Allah protect him and may he be healthy.”

Raeda Fares: “Amen, Allah willing. Of course we have arrived today [Nov. 20, 2019] to hand over the house on behalf of His Honor [the president], and to be updated about your situation in the refugee camp and in your home today. A good accomplishment was achieved in its repair.”

Um Ahmed: “Allah be praised.”

Raeda Fares: “Allah be praised forever. Now, where are you from, my sister Um Ahmed? You are a refugee who came to the Al-Amari [refugee] camp, but your village, your city – where are they originally?”

Um Ahmed: “We are originally from the village of Al-Na’ani, in the area of Lod and Ramle. [We are] expellees.”

Raeda Fares: “Have you been in your village? Have you visited it?”

Um Ahmed: “Actually no.”

Raeda Fares: “Don’t you miss it?”

Um Ahmed: “Of course I miss it. It is our land, our country.”

Raeda Fares: “Do you have hopes to return?”

Um Ahmed: “Allah willing. I trust the Master of the Universe!”

Raeda Fares: “Allah willing. In other words, this home that you are in is a temporary home.”

Um Ahmed: “Temporary.”

Raeda Fares: “So that you will return to the village, Allah willing.”

Um Ahmed: “Allah willing, Palestine will be liberated, these Jews will leave our land, and we will be liberated and all become a family.”

Raeda Fares: “Allah willing.”