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PFLP calls on “1948 Palestinians” (i.e., Israeli Arabs) to boycott Israeli elections

Headline: “The Popular [Front] calls on the Palestinians of the Interior to boycott the occupation’s elections”

“The Popular Front [for the Liberation of Palestine] (PFLP) today (Sunday) [Sept. 15, 2019] called on the 1948 Palestinians (i.e., Israeli Arabs) to boycott the upcoming elections for the occupation’s parliament [on Sept. 17, 2019].

PFLP considered Arab participation in these elections to be misleading world opinion, those who identify with the [Palestinian] people and with the international boycott [of Israel], as if it is a democratic entity and not an entity of occupation, settlement, and racism.

The PFLP emphasized that the only connection there should be with the occupation is resistance against it and standing up against its ongoing crimes and against its racist policy and boycotting its institutions and occupation tools of oppression, and not merging with them.

The PFLP praised the efforts to raise the awareness of the people in the occupied interior (i.e., Israel) regarding the importance of boycotting these elections and the dangers of participating in them. It condemned the incitement campaigns against them and also expressed its surprise at the readiness of some of the Arab leaders to join the occupation government, which means that they will constitute cover for the occupation in its aggression against the [Palestinian] people.”


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