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Research center named after the terrorist Abu Jihad

“[Rabiha] Dhiab [Minister of Women's Affairs] said: 'Through the strike on Abu Jihad, the occupation state attempted to strike at the first Intifada [terror campaign], but it failed because Abu Jihad was the teacher of tens of thousands of fighters who drew inspiration from his life story, from his struggle and his giving, to continue the struggle to attain the aims of the revolution – victory and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.’ … Dr. Hussein Al-Shiyukhi, head of the College's board of trustees announced the establishment of a research center named after the Shahid 'Abu Jihad,' to research and document the Shahid's life story and his experiences in the areas of the struggle, politics and philosophy, [and to prepare] studies that would serve the Palestinian people and the national cause."

Note: This rally was held at the Modern College in Beitunia marking the anniversary of the death of Abu Jihad.