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PA official gives Turkish delegation plaque with map of “Palestine” that erases Israel

The article includes an image of El-Bireh Deputy Mayor Jamal Shaltaf giving the Turkish delegation a plaque on which is the PA map of “Palestine” that presents all of Israel as “Palestine” together with the PA areas.

Headline: “The El-Bireh Municipality discussed the establishment of a school at international standards with a Turkish delegation”

“The El-Bireh Municipality received a high-level delegation yesterday [Dec. 5, 2019] that included representatives from the T urkish Maarif Foundation, the Turkish Consulate, and the Palestinian [PA] Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to discuss and reach understandings regarding the establishment of a ‘Turkish Waqf School’ initiative at international standards in El-Bireh.
El-Bireh Deputy Mayor Jamal Shaltaf received the Turkish delegation and emphasized the importance of the international cooperation with the El-Bireh Municipality.”

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