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Abbas repeats libel: Israel brings “cannabis and drugs” to the PA, they “don’t want us to have a future”

Official PA TV, broadcast of speech by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas at the opening of the international conference on corruption organized by the PA, held in December 2019.

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas: "Corruption is hated everywhere, everywhere in the world, but what is important is how we will fight it. If there is a will, if there is free choice. We know that in the noble Quran there are references perhaps – I don’t know how many times, but dozens of times – regarding corruption and the war against it, and also in Christian religious law and I think it is so [too] in Jewish religious law, as it cannot be that there be divine law that believes in corruption and does not fight corruption. There are corrupt people among the believers of these religions, among the Muslims, the Christians, and the Jews, but that is another matter, they are not related.

Even in all of the divine religions, corruption is something that is fought against and must be fought against. We must fight it to the end, and therefore this conference of yours is being held. I hope that we will benefit from your experience, that we will learn lessons from the conclusions we reach, and that we will begin to act according to them without hesitation. Regarding this topic, from our perspective, this topic is very important, critical, and crucial. We know that we will not be able to uproot the slice of corruption here for many reasons, but there is an important reason, and it is the occupation, becausethe occupation plants corruption among us, aids the corrupt and the corrupters, encourages the corrupt and the corrupters, and if we do not have it, it brings us corrupt people and corrupters. And therefore, we see substances like cannabis and drugs etc., and also spoiled goods which are always accepted in our land, from them, because they want to fight our existence, to fight our human feeling. They want to fight against our future and don't want us to have a future.However, I do not want to blame the occupation and say that if it were not for the occupation our situation would be good, no. Indeed, even without the occupation, this corruption exists among us, and we must continue to fight it until the end, and it does not matter who stands behind it."

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