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Fatah cartoon depicts Santa wearing the “key of return”, handcuffed by the Star of David and prevented from entering Bethlehem

Text and cartoon posted on the official Fatah Facebook page

Text posted in English: "(All errors in source –Ed.) The Israeli occupation prevent the Christians from #Gaza_strip from praying and celebrating Christmas in #Jerusalem and #beit_lahem ."

Text posted in Arabic: "The Israeli occupation is preventing the Gaza Strip’s Christians from visiting Jerusalem and Bethlehem in order to pray and celebrate the Christmas holidays. Happy New Year to all members of #our_Palestinian_people, the Christians and the Muslims, and #Merry_Christmas to you."

The cartoon shows Santa Claus lying face down on the ground, with his hands restrained behind his back by a Star of David functioning as handcuffs. On a chain around his neck is the symbol of “the right of return” of the Palestinian "refugees" – a key. Next to him on the ground are a sack and a bell. Behind him is a sign pointing to Jerusalem and "Beit Lahem" in English and Arabic. In the background is a barrier, and beyond it are buildings, including churches topped by crosses.

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