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PA officials: “The prisoners are our heroes,” Israel’s “fate is to cease to exist”

Headline: "Tubas: Rally in support of the prisoners"

"Dozens of [Palestinian] citizens gathered yesterday [March 26, 2019] in the city of Tubas as part of a rally in support of the prisoners. Tubas and Northern [Jordan] Valley District Governor Younes Al-Asi [said]: 'All members of the Palestinian people stand by the prisoners and feel their pain. The prisoners are our heroes who have sacrificed years of their lives for the Palestinian cause.'

Head of the Tubas Education Directorate (i.e., branch of the PA Ministry of Education) Saed Qabha said: 'Today Tubas has come out… in order to lift the name of the prisoners and demonstrate solidarity with them. We do not forget the members of our people in Gaza who are being subjected to a war led by the US and the Zionist entity (apparently referring to Israeli response to rockets launched from Gaza –Ed.), whose fate is to cease to exist like the others (referring to peoples that occupied the area in the past and have since ceased to exist –Ed.).'"

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