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PA ambassador to UN: There is no incitement in PA schoolbooks

Headline: "Mansour: "We call on the [UN] Security Council to look into the situation on the ground in Palestine in order to determine who is responsible for the violence and incitement"

"Observer Representative of the State of Palestine in the UN Ambassador Riyad Mansour called on the [UN] Security Council to fulfill its responsibility and maintain peace and security in the region by establishing committees that will investigate what is happening in the Palestinian territories, and therebyrefute Israel's claims regarding the schoolbooks…

This was said in response to questions from Germany’s ambassador to the UN…

In response to a question about the schoolbooks and the claims of incitement from the Palestinian side, Ambassador Mansour said: ‘The Security Council must fulfill its responsibility and determine which side constitutes an obstacle to any progress on the ground – which is surely Israel.’

He added: ‘The Security Council can appoint UNESCO (UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) or any neutral party to carry out this mission to monitor the actions of the two sides and compare the Israeli and Palestinian schoolbooks, as it will not find any incitement by Palestine.’”

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