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Israel trying to “steal and falsify” Palestinian heritage and subject it to “Judaization”, falsifies history

Headline: “The second Palestinian Heritage Day events have begun in Burqin”

“The Burqin Municipality and prominent figures from the town opened the second Burqin Festival for Culture and Heritage yesterday [April 10, 2019], under the auspices of District Governor of Jenin Akram Al-Rajoub…

Burqin Mayor Muhammad Sabah thanked the district governor of Jenin for sponsoring the festival…

The Burqin mayor emphasized that it is important to revitalize the national heritage in the memory of the [younger] generations, and to defend this heritage from the occupation, which is determined to steal and falsify it as part of the falsification of history

[Al-Quds Open University lecturer] Dr. Omar Atiq summarized the importance of protecting the national heritage with its various elements and defending it from the danger of Judaization. He noted that the occupation, which has stolen the land, is attempting to falsify the history and heritage, and that it is even attempting to steal the Arabic language by way of distortion, through which it is attempting to create the impression that it has a connection to this land.”

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