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Schools named after terrorists Abu Jihad, Abu Ali Mustafa and Ahmed Yassin

Headline: "Abu Jihad High School was crowned victor in the Telematch games of the Araba school championship"

"The Qabatiya Directorate of Education (i.e., under the PA Ministry of Education) continued its sports activities…

As part of this, the Araba Club held a first of its kind championship of Telematch games for students in grades 5-9 in the Araba boys' schools. The competition took place on the sports field of Martyr Abu Jihad High School (i.e., school named after terrorist responsible for the murder of 125)Martyr Abu Jihad High SchoolPrincipal Abd Al-Fattah Shamaly,Abu Ali Mustafa Elementary School(i.e., school named after terrorist responsible for many terror attacks) Principal Hisham Abu Salah, andMartyr Ahmed Yassin  Elementary School(i.e., school named after terrorist and founder of Hamas terrorist organization) Principal Mutaz Al-Haj Ahmed were present at the opening [ceremony]."

Abu Jihad


Abu Ali Mustafa


Ahmed Yassin

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