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PLO official: We will continue to pay salaries to terrorists

Headline: “Fatah Revolutionary Council members: We will deal with the plot against the national project through our unity”

“Director of [PLO] Commission of Prisoners and Released Prisoners' Affairs Qadri Abu Bakr emphasized the leadership and our people’s ability to thwart the effects of the American administration’s pressure on some Arab states, which has come in conjunction with decisions and laws by the Israeli occupation state against the leadership in order to put an end to its loyalty to the prisoners and their relatives (refers to Israeli law deducting terror salaries from taxes Israel collects for the PA; see note below –Ed.), and said: ‘We will not relinquish our basic principles.’

Abu Bakr commented on what was said in [PA] President [Mahmoud Abbas’] speech, because he emphasized the commitment to pay salaries (rawatib) to the prisoners, and that a clear Palestinian decision will be made regarding all of the political and economic agreements that were signed with the occupation government if it starts to deduct the amounts allocated to the prisoners from the Palestinian tax money.”

Israel's Anti "Pay-for-Slay" Law

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